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Fuel Spout Fuel Spout

This spout tube is approximately 4" long, The outer diameter is 2" to fit a 2" ID fuel hose. Use this spout tube with our fill through cap or a standard 1-49/64" screw on cap.

price $50.00
Fill Through Gas Cap Fill Through Gas Cap

This cap is included in all Hagan fuel door kits. It is made to screw into late model 1-49/64" thread filler spouts. You never have to remove the cap to re-fuel, just push the pump nozzle through the center flap.

California users or others using Vapor Recovery fueling systems: Please refer to McCuff Sport at to prevent damage to the cap.

price $25.00
Fuel Door Hinge Fuel Door Hinge

The hinge used in our Fuel Door kits.

price $20.00
Screw-on Gas Cap Screw-on Gas Cap

This Stant 10834 cap will screw into Hagan fuel doors and late model 1-49/64" thread filler spouts. This cap has a valve that will relieve pressure or vacuum if it reaches a high level.

You can also check your local auto parts store. They may have these in stock.

price $16.00
Locking Fuel CAP Screw-on LOCKING Gas Cap

We no longer sell this item