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90 Series Round Flat Fuel Door 90 Series Round Flat Fuel Door

These weld in fuel door kits are our first and oldest product line. They have been used by many thousands of Street Rod enthusiasts and professionals to hide and/or move the fuel filler on their rides. The kit includes a fill through gas cap and a threaded spout for connecting a 2" ID hose to the fuel tank.

We offer many configurations and door shapes and they can all be ordered un-assembled if you want to have the freedom to adjust them to your application.

We have a application guide in the Fuel Door section to help you select the correct Fuel Door kit.

price $135.00
Oval Mirror Package Oval Mirror Package

One of our most popular mirror packages: Oval mirror heads with long arms. This package contains everything you need to complete a basic installation on your vehicle.

Fatties Oval Mirror Heads: These oval mirror heads will multiply your view by 600%, reduce night glare, absorb vibration and eliminate blind spots! They are show polished aluminum and have smooth action pivots. Mirror is 4-3/4" X 1 - 3/4". Package includes two convex mirror heads.

Mirror Arms: These arms bolt to your vehicle with two 10-24 screws and bolts. Arms are 5- 1/2" long and angle up 20 degrees and back 10 degrees. The mount base is 1" by 1/2", and the mount holes are 5/8" apart. The arms comes with rubber gaskets and are polished to a show quality finish. Package contains a left and right arm.

Our Price: $267.00
Chrome Frenched Headlamp Conversion Set Chrome Frenched Headlamp Conversion Set

This very popular head lamp system for `40's and `50's era cars and trucks is a weld in kit that can turn heads whether you're cruising down the boulevard or at a show. This kit includes installation instructions, chrome trim rings, weld-in buckets and the hardware for mounting 7" lamps. The mounting system allows the lamps to be easily adjusted. The lamps are sold seperately.

We also offer a kit with bare steel trim rings which can be painted (part code h4050BS).

price $385.00